If you find yourself charged with DUI, you might wonder if it’s best to hire a DUI attorney or go it alone. A drunk driving charge can have significant consequences. An experienced DUI attorney can help you understand all of the possible things that can happen when you’re facing a DUI charge. They can help you chart the best possible course when you’re facing a charge of drunk driving. Here are five reasons why you should hire a DUI attorney:

1. They can help you secure bond

A DUI attorney can help you get out of jail while you await further proceedings. They can help you ask for a bond amount that’s reasonable. If there are special circumstances in your case, they can help you address them with the court while you await further proceedings. For example, if you need to travel out of state, they can help you address the conditions of bond.

2. A DUI attorney can spot constitutional issues

A drunk driving charge is complex. If law enforcement doesn’t have a reason that they stopped your vehicle, they may have violated your constitutional rights. Law enforcement may only stop you if they suspect a traffic violation or another criminal activity. They can’t randomly stop cars driving down the street for no reason. An experienced DUI attorney can help you examine your case to see if there are constitutional issues that apply.

3. Your DUI attorney can evaluate field sobriety tests

There are three standardized field sobriety tests. They’re only valid if law enforcement administers them in a certain way. Unfortunately, many law enforcement officers don’t follow their training. If they deviate from acceptable norms when they investigate your case, their errors can be helpful in calling your guilt into question. An experienced DUI attorney has training in field sobriety tests, and they can review your case to see where law enforcement makes errors.

4. A DUI attorney helps you negotiate a plea offer or raise issues with the state’s attorney

You need the best possible defense in your case, and getting the best possible defense can mean many things. A great DUI defense often means calling the scientific evidence into question and calling witnesses to testify for your defense. However, a great defense also means strategically raising issues with the state’s attorney to prompt the state’s attorney to offer a favorable plea resolution. You may be able to avoid or minimize jail time, fines and costs or even suspension of your driver’s license through plea negotiations. An experienced DUI attorney can handle the negotiations with skill.

5. They know the rules of evidence

During trial, you must quickly respond to evidence. You often have only a split second to respond to the other side’s request to admit evidence or ask a certain question of a witness. A DUI attorney has experience in the law, and they can confidently help you with your trial. A DUI attorney is a trial lawyer. They can help you present your case in an effective way.

A DUI attorney can help you effectively respond to your DUI charge. They can help you with preliminary matters, and they can help you at trial. A DUI attorney gives you the best possible defense to your DUI charges.