Vegan Wallets / Vegan Leather Wallets

It really wasn't ALL THAT LONG AGO, that nice and durable vegan wallets were impossible to find. Most quality wallets were made from leather. Vegan wallets usually fell apart in months. Literally, it felt like a waste of money. THat's fortunately no longer the situation. Many companies are creating stylish and durable vegan wallets. As a result, you'll have no trouble finding a good vegan wallet now.

Before you proceed with getting a vegan wallet / vegan leather wallet, let's chat about what's so great about vegan leather. One of the great things about vegan wallets, is that they aren't made from the skins of dead animals.

Vegan leather is made from polyurethane. It's a polymer which can be made very fast when a designer wants it. It's made from sustainable materials like pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, fruit waste, and recycled plastic. There are MANY brands who are using only vegan leather. It's extremely versatile. You can use vegan leather in jackets, bags, wallets, and even intimate items. Bottom line, vegan leather is very versatile and useful. You can even find vegan leather in shoes, boots, etc. Tesla recently became the latest carmaker to offer vegan leather seating.

Bottom line, vegan leather makes you look good, and feel good, because it's cruelty-free. Millions of animals are killed for their skins. Often, the tail and horns of animals are cut off without painkillers. Some are skinned and cut apart while conscious.

Turning skin into leather takes a lot of energy and toxic chemicals. When you go for vegan leather, you're saying no to this wasteful and pollution filled process.