Brands seek the manufacturing services of Cut and Stitch when looking to receive products that are held to high standards. The vertical integration of leather goods is our manufacturing specialty. Design work and production are included in the services that we provide.

Our supply chain of solutions is endless and our products are diverse. Whatever your needs are, we will extend our help to ensure that they are met. We provide services for design and development, raw material sourcing, manufacturing, production management, freight logistics, and QA/QC. We are experienced in working with popular brands and Fortune 500 companies.

We are equipped to consult and provide finished goods for your brand throughout a variety of segments. We have an advantage over others in the industry due to our vertically integrated partnerships. Our partnerships are long-lasting and remain that way as we make it our main goal. We work diligently to ensure that our vertically integrated process is no less than the best.

We work to meet the needs of your brand by producing orders in sizes that are both large and small. We are ready to make adjustments, as our understanding of the needs of your brand grows.


We will take your concept and shape it into a design brief that we can seamlessly transform into a solid product. We have in-house designers who are highly skilled specialists in leather and textile products. Our focus is aimed at understanding the goals and objectives of your brand. We define your target audience and develop an understanding of what they are looking for. The longevity of our experience in the industry allows us to build strong relationships with additional experts in the field. With these resources, we produce end products that top your expectations.

Throughout the creation of your product, we will discuss the different designs that are open for you to choose from. The options to be discussed include pricing, lead times, material options and all other necessities to finalize the creation of your product.


It is of the utmost importance that we obtain and utilize materials that are in line with the production needs of your product. With this in mind, we make sure that we have the right materials that meet quality standards. As these standards are met, making sure that all materials are congruent with current laws and your company’s sustainability policy cannot be left undone. The materials used, hold the same level of importance as the overall design of the product.

In relation to the process of creating each item, we have gained valuable knowledge stemming from our experience obtained over the years. All over the world, we have developed bonds that aid us in solving sourcing problems. We strive to help you generate a brand and sustainable supply chain that is innovative.

The size of your order does not matter. We make it our job to go directly to the source. As we work together with tanneries, packaging manufacturers and weavers, we are able to produce a well-developed product that coincides with all of your needs and expectations. As a result of having a strong relationship with material supplies, we are able to allocate more time for problem-solving.


Project execution and having a great design hold the same level of importance. Manufacturing also has a high level of importance. Our standards are set high as we manage, own and operate plants that are positioned around the USA and overseas.

All of our factories have specialists that have expertise in making sure all needs are met for your product. We have factory safety standards in place that coincide with the policy of our company.