Looking to produce leather goods? We are Cut and Stitch, and we specialize in providing high-quality, full-service manufacturing. We provide design assistance and full production in one facility to make producing your product efficient and easy.
We are here to assist in all aspects of production. From design and development to product sourcing, full manufacturing, product management, QA and QC, and final shipping, we can be your single source for your production needs. Our expertise in production is well recognized, resulting in collaborations with well-known brands and Fortune 500 companies.
Let our production teams assist you with your designs. We will discuss every detail, provide feedback on how to achieve your goals, and make your design a reality no matter how challenging the design. By being vertically integrated, we are a one-stop source that results in long-term partnerships with our clients. Let our strong vertical process be your advantage.
Whether your production needs are large or small, we are here to you assist you in any ways that works best for you.

Bringing your product to life begins from the initial meeting. We review all the details and set up a design brief to guide us from concept to reality. Being detailed in our approach allows us to clearly understand your goals and objectives and gain a clear picture of your customers and what they look for in their leather products. Our wealth of experience in production means we have become experts in understanding products and customers and will result in a product that will surpass your expectations.

We will guide you through each step of the process – from discussing the design and the best materials to providing accurate lead times, pricing, and all the details necessary to produce a product you and your customers will be proud of.


In leather production, offering the right materials is everything. We source materials that match closest to the quality you aim to achieve. We also pay close attention to your sustainability requirements, complying with all relevant production laws and guaranteeing a product that fits your exact needs. We know that in leather goods, materials are as important to you and your customers as the designs themselves.
Our daily interaction in leather production means we know best how to source the right materials, whether this requires local purchasing or global purchasing to comply with your materials goals. We are driven to provide the best materials on the market to make your vision a reality and develop an efficient supply chain for future productions.

We go directly to the source no matter what the material. We work directly with the leather producers such as tanners, weavers, and knitters, as well as the packaging material suppliers to create a final look you desire. A significant amount of our energy goes toward materials and solving any issues for you that come up with production or packaging.


When it comes to providing a quality product, execution is as important as the final design. We invest heavily in execution, owning and operating plants in the United States and overseas. All of our companies are modernized with the latest technology and procedures. We are proud of what our businesses provide and feel you will be too.
Our team of product experts, managers, and engineers work together to ensure every detail of your product is met and your product is delivered on schedule and on budget. This is accomplished in facilities that maintaining strict safety standards and provide safe working environments, preventing employee rights abuse and child-labor abuse.