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We work a spectrum of companies. Some are Day Zero startups, who need consulting and general guidance. Some have tech packs, and simply want a prototype created. Others already work with a manufacturer, but want to switch.

How we charge for our time is important


It's taboo to talk about price. The nature of custom manufacturing, makes it difficult to discuss pricing upfront - without it looking cookie cutter. But, so many clients ask us for general guidance, so we created this pricing page to help.

All sampling prices exclude custom logos and materials. There are separate charges for making a custom logo embossing stamp. That same stamp can be used later in production, so it’s a one time fee.

Intro Call

This is a free 5-10 minute phone call we offer all clients. It explains how we function as a company, and allows you to learn more about our brand. W

Startup Consulting

Many startups need advice, direction, and assistance in helping create their new idea.  We charge $200-$250 an hour for this service.

Sample Production

You have an idea, design, or a poorly made sample, and it needs a professional manufacturer to perfect it for production.

Mass Production

You have a perfected sample, and are ready for mass production. This is completely customized pricing, based on labor, materials, quantity, packaging, and more.


We’re Partners
Not Vendors

This is the cornerstone of how we operate, and how we treat your business. We treat it, like it’s our company.



Prices can vary, but below is general starting prices based on the type of good you're looking to manufacture
Small Goods Wallets, Keychains, Etc
$ 500+
Pattern Making
Sample Labor
Sourcing Advice
Design Advice
Design Corrections
Average Sized Bags Totes, Cross-bodies, Hobos
$ 1000+
Pattern Making
Sample Labor
Sourcing Advice
Design Advice
Design Corrections
Larger Bags Duffles, Backpacks, Briefcases
$ 2000+
Pattern Making
Sample Labor
Sourcing Advice
Design Advice
Design Corrections
Complex Products Difficult Shapes (Weaving, Braiding, etc)
$ 3000+
Pattern Making
Sample Labor
Sourcing Advice
Design Advice
Design Corrections


Need consulting
for your idea?

Creating your next big idea is a complicated process. You might have questions.
We also provide consulting services, on a per hour basis to help you create your new idea.


We've consulted for some of the largest brands

Regardless of your challenge, we can help you create your next big idea
Hourly Consulting Sometimes, you're not ready to manufacture, and need a consultant.
$ 200-250
Sourcing advice (access to our trusted vendors)
Design advice/correction
Market research
Sales advice
Logistics advice


Our goal is to be your one-stop solution provider. We are unmatched in our ability to help you from beginning to end. If you financing, we provide it thanks to our partner Delancey Street. Most of our competitors handle only aspect of the production process; in contrast, we handle everything in-house.

About Cut & Stitch

Cut & Stitch – is the top shelf choice for brands and businesses who need a reliable, trustworthy, and consumer obsessed manufacturing partner.

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