At Cut and Stitch, we’re a full-service manufacturer that is committed to delivering a high level of craftsmanship to different brands in multiple industries. As a vertically integrated leather goods manufacturer, we offer both design and production services that are available for your convenience.

End to end supply chain solutions is offered for different types of products. We’re here to provide you with raw material sourcing, production management, freight logistics, QA/QC, design & development, and manufacturing. We have a high level of experience and have worked with top brands and Fortune 500 companies in various industries.

Our team is here to consult and offer finished goods across different segments. We have the advantage over competing companies because we’re a vertically integrated partner that has factories in the U.S. and overseas.

We’re here when you need to mass produce a product or have a small order and will adjust the order depending on your specific requests and needs.


Once you submit your design and ideas to our team, we’ll take your concept and can convert it into a tangible product. Our team is composed of experts who specialize in both textiles and leather. We’re here to understand your goals and objectives while getting an idea of your targeted consumer. We’re confident that our experts will tap into your order and create an item that surpasses your expectations.

Our process involves discussing your design and material options, pricing, and lead times to ensure that your product is manufactured correctly and proves to be successful.


Our team at Cut and Stitch understands that finding the right materials is vital. We obtain materials that are high-quality and comply with laws while also aligning with your policy of sustainability. We know that the different materials that are used to create the item are just as important as the product’s design and determine its overall quality.

We make it a point to go to the source for both small and large orders that we receive. Our team takes pride in working directly with knitters, tanneries, weavers, and packaging manufacturers to ensure that you receive a product that you deserve. We’ve worked hard to develop strong relationships with material supplies and are intent on solving problems that may develop throughout the process.


At Cut and Stitch, we value the execution of the product and know that it’s just as important as the design. Manufacturing is a top priority for our company. All of our factories in the U.S. and overseas are owned, operated, and managed by our team. We take pride in the strict policies that are enforced to ensure that human rights abuse and child-labor abuse is avoided due to the standards that are enforced during the manufacturing process that takes place.

Each of our factories employes full-time production managers, engineers, and product development experts to ensure that the specifications of your product are met and are delivered promptly. We take priding in meeting your requests and delivering reliable services with each product that is created.