As a full-service manufacturer, Cut and Stitch is a company that offers different brands a high level of craftsmanship with leather goods that are created. Both design and production are offered from Cut and Stich to our customers.

We can create a variety of different products with end-to-end supply chain solutions that are provided. Our customers utilize our services when they need raw material sourcing, design & development, manufacturing, production management, freight logistics, and QA/QC. We take pride in the quality of our service as a company that has worked with Fortune 500 companies.

We stand out in the industry because we’re capable of consulting and providing finished goods across many segments. As a vertically integrated partner, we have factories in the U.S. and other countries, which allows us to stand out amongst our competitors.

We’re here to meet your needs when you need mass production of a specific product or want to place a smaller order. Our team at Cut and Stitch always adjusts our approach to suit each customer’s needs and requests.


Our in-house designers take your ideas and design brief before transforming it into a tangible product that can be sold. Our team is composed of professionals who are experts in both textile and leather materials. We make it a point to understand your objectives and goals to ensure that it’s a product that can be used by your customers. Due to the high level of experience of our team and experts, we’re confident that we’ll create a product that exceeds your expectations and proves to be successful among consumers. Our process involves narrowing down the different materials that can be used, discussing pricing, and lead times to ensure that your product is completed correctly.


We work hard to provide you with high-quality materials that allow you to sell an excellent product that complies with laws and follow the sustainability policy of your company. We understand the importance of the materials that are used and how they influence the quality of your product.

Although sourcing issues are common, we have relationships with other professionals around the world to ensure that the items can be made. We’re committed to assisting you in creating an innovative and sustainable supply chain.

With each product, we go to the source and work closely with weavers, tanneries, packing manufacturers, and knitters, even on the smallest orders. We’re relentless when it comes to solving problems that arise while maintaining strong relationships with material supplies to make for an efficient and successful process.


Manufacturing is one of our top priorities, and our team understands that the execution of each product has as much value as the design. Each of our facilities at Cut and Stitch are modern and efficient. We own, operate, and manage all of our plants that are in other countries and the U.S.

Each factory is run by full-time production managers, product development experts, and engineers to ensure that the product meets the specifications, budget, and deadline. We make it a point to have strict guidelines to follow human right policies and factory safety standards while avoiding child-labor abuse.