Committed to only offering brands of the utmost level of craftsmanship, Cut and Stitch offers product development and design all in one integrated facility. This full-service producer specializes in leather goods, providing supply-chain needs for many types of products.

Cut and Stitch can assist with logistics, material sourcing, production management, and quality assurance. We have extensive experience working with reputable brands including several Fortune 500 companies. We have a special advantage as an integrated company that has production facilities worldwide. We are fully able to consult across many diverse segments.

No matter if your brand’s order is small or large, our primary goal is to build a lasting relationship with you and provide you with only our best during the entire process. We pride ourselves in our ability to stay on time, on budget, and in line with sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing.

Designing Purses

Cut and Stitch will bring your vision in reality by taking your concept and transforming it into an amazing product. Our expert team of designers is experienced and knowledgeable about working with textile and leather. We diligently work with you, honing in on your specific goals to create a product tailored to your ideal customers. Our extensive industry experience and committed experts will go above and beyond every time. We know exactly what to do to ensure your products will be loved by your customers.

At Cut and Stitch, we leave no stone left unturned. Design and material routes are discussed in depth. We extensively go over pricing, lead times, and everything else that goes into making a successful product for your brand that exceeds your expectations.

Source Materials for Purse Manufacturing

Cut and Stitch goes to great measures to ensure that the materials used for your products match your company’s sustainability efforts, comply with all regulations, and are of exceptional quality. Materials can make or break a design, so we want to be sure we are giving you the best in all areas.

Thanks to our advanced knowledge of the supply chain, we are able to work with you to create products made with sustainably sourced materials that still deliver the high-quality your customers expect.

Cut and Stitch works intimately with weavers, knitters, tanners, and packaging producers to deliver exactly what you need every time you work with us. No problem is too big for us to solve.

Purse Manufacturing

You can take pride in working with Cut and Stitch because all of our facilities are up-to-date. The ownership and operation of our facilities in the United States and abroad are handled by our Cut and Stitch team. For us, the way we manufacture products is just as important as how we design them.

Cut and Stitch has tight policies in place to ensure that no goods made involve the abuse of human rights, use child-labor, or violate our factory safety standards. Our product developers, production experts, and experienced engineers will get your product made on time and on budget exactly the way you want it.