Committed to expert craftsmanship and the creation of high-quality products for its various brands, Cut and Stitch is a vertically integrated, full service manufacturer of superior leather goods. We combine design and production under one roof in order to ensure an excellent product and expedient service.

With extensive experience in creating high-end products and designs for both recognizable brands and Fortune 500 companies, Cut and Stitch’s team is ready to provide end to end supply chain solutions that meet your specific needs. From the early stages of design and development to sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, and product management to freight logistics and quality assurance and control, we offer exceptional service and support, whatever the product.

As a vertically integrated company, we have factories located both in the United States and internationally, allowing us to consult, manufacture, and provide finished goods across multiple segments efficiently and with ease. We strive to maintain the most effective vertically integrated manufacturing process possible so that we can form long lasting client partnerships based on the quality of our products and efficacy of our services.

Your brand is unique — and so are we! Cut and Stitch is devoted to creating the best products possible for each individual customer, so we tailor our process to meet your needs. Whatever your business requires, from a large, commercial order to a smaller, more customized one, we have the expertise and equipment to meet any scale of production.


With a manufacturing approach based on understanding your goals and the intent behind each product, we take your product from conception, to design brief, to a tangible good ready for the consumer. Our team of in-house designers will transform your dream design into a reality with their expertise in all realms of leather and textile production. And for those hard-to-capture consumers, we retain a vast, immensely knowledgeable reserve of experts who we regularly consult in order to create products that exceed all customer expectations.

We take product development very seriously. Let us walk through your design, discuss material options, lead times, and pricing, and breathe life into your vision!


Finding the right materials is just as important as creating a striking design. Thus, we source only quality materials that pass the most rigorous standards, comply with all relevant regulations and laws regarding our materials, and align as closely as possible to your company’s sustainability policy.

At Cut and Stitch, our goal is to help you create innovative, original products while maintaining a sustainable supply chain. To accomplish this goal, we have forged beneficial international relationships in order to solve even the most difficult souring problems, and we take pride in knowing exactly how are items are made, down to the smallest detail.

At heart, we are problem solvers who are proud to work directly with tanneries, weavers, knitters, and packaging manufacturers to develop and create your unique items. We have put substantial effort into building strong relationships with material suppliers so that we can go directly to the source, even on the smallest of orders.


We believe that execution is essential to a great product and a great company. Because manufacturing is so important to use, we have taken the initiative to ensure that all facilities in the Cut and Stitch supply chain are modern, efficient, and well-maintained. Most importantly, our team owns, operates, and manages all of our Cut and Stitch plants, both overseas and in the United States.

We employ full-time product development experts, production managers, and engineers in all of our factories to ensure that your product meets specifications and is delivered on time and on budget. And because we take great pride in the work that we do, Cut and Stitch exercises strict safety standards and protocols in all factories, and has set stringent policies in place to prevent any human rights or child-labor abuses.