Cut and Stich offers full services as a manufacturer that provides a high level of craftsmanship to different brands in multiple industries. We offer both design and production under one roof as a vertically integrated leather goods manufacturer.

Our team delivers end to end supply chain solutions for different types of products, which includes manufacturing, production management, design & development, freight logistics, and QA/QC. Our large team has experience offering our services to some of the top companies in various industries, including Fortune 500 companies.

We can help with the complete manufacturing of your product, whether you need to place a large or small order.


Our team will take your design brief and idea and transform it into a tangible product that is high-quality. We have in-house designers and experts on our team who specialize in textiles and leather. We work hard to understand your goals and objectives while also taking your target audience and consumer into consideration to ensure that the product is successful. Cut and Stitch stands out for our long list of experts and our vast industry experience to ensure that the product that is manufactured exceeds your expectations.

During our process, you can expect to discuss the material options that are available, as well as pricing, lead times, and additional factors that need to be considered to manufacture your product.


We make the materials that are used a top priority because we understand that the quality of the product is just as important as its design. We’re proactive to ensure that the materials are sustainable and comply with relevant laws that are enforced.

Our relationships with different professionals around the world to ensure that common issues are solved throughout the process. We also have knowledge about how the items are constructed. We strive to assist you to create a sustainable supply chain.

Our team makes it a point to go directly to the source for both small and large orders that we receive. We work closely with tanneries, weavers, packaging manufacturers, and knitters to ensure that the product is manufactured correctly and is of high quality. Our strong relationships with material suppliers also improve the quality of the product as we spend plenty of time solving any problems that may develop.


The execution of the product is as important as the design of the item. The manufacturing process is a top priority to our team. We own, operate, and manage different plants in other countries, and also in the U.S. Each of our Cut and Stitch facilities are modern and efficient, which we’re proud to manage and own.

Each of our factories also has full-time development experts, engineers, and production managers on-site to ensure that the specifications of the product are exact. Our team also works hard to ensure that the item is within the budget and is delivered on time. Our strict policies are enforced to ensure that child-labor abuse and human rights abuse is avoided. The policies also ensure that the factories remain safe with their operations.