The full-service manufacture Cut and Stitch is dedicated to providing craftsmanship of the highest quality to brands. The design and production of leather goods are done in the same place to completely integrate the process.

A variety of products are provided within the end to the chain of supply. They can help with a variety of needs including QA/QC, logistics of freight, management of production. The sourcing of raw materials and designing and development are also things they can help with. The team at Cut and Stitch is experienced working with Fortune 500 companies and brands that are well recognized.

There are finished goods and consulting provided through multiple outlets. The formation of partnerships with clients that are long lasting is the focus, and they do everything possible to provide an ideal vertically integrated process. The company has factories in the United States and internationally giving them an advantage that is unique as a partner that is vertically integrated.

The approach is adjustable to fit individual needs, it does not matter what the brand needs. Order mass production or small selections can both be handled.


You will be taken from the initial concept to the design then a tangible product will be produced from the idea. There is a team of designers on hand that are experts in the areas of textile and leather products. The focus of the approach is on understanding the client’s objectives and goals. The product and consumer target needs are what will be used. There is vast experience in the industry combined with experts who are used to create products that exceed expectations.

The design is discussed covering every aspect from the options for materials to the finished product. Lead times and pricing will also be discussed during the process of getting the product to market.

Sourcing Materials

It is crucial that the correct materials be found. All materials sourced are chosen to deliver the correct quality, be in compliance with the laws and in line with the sustainability policy of the company. The materials that create the product are as vital as the design itself.

Cut and Stitch have relationships around the world to help with problems associated with sourcing as well as an intimate knowledge of production. The goal is innovation and creating a supply chain that is sustainable.

Even the smallest order is taken to the source. Items are developed exactly by working directly with everyone involved, weavers, tanneries knitters, and packaging manufacturers. A great deal of time is spent problem-solving, and there are strong relationships with the suppliers.

Manufacturing Process

Amazing design is nice but the execution is equally important. Cut and Stitch find manufacturing to be important. Plants are owned, managed and operated in the United States and overseas. The supply facilities are modern and something to be proud of.

The factories are staffed with full-time experts in product development, engineers and production managers to ensure that product specifications are met. The product will be delivered on time and within budget. There are safety standards for the factories and policies to prevent abuse of child labor and human rights.