Looking for a full service manufacturer offering the highest level of craftsmanship? Are you searching for a brand who actually wants to enhance your professional brand by facilitating genuine relationship with their consumers?

Well, your search is over.

Cut and Stitch is your go-to full-service manufacturer devoted to providing our clients with incomparable craftsmanship. Cut and Stitch is an all-in-one company which offers vertically integrated leather goods. We pride ourselves on being specialized in providing all aspects of design and production.

Cut and Stitch’s dedicated team has extensive experience working with hundreds of famous brands and Fortune 500 corporations. So, we provide supply chain solutions from beginning to end for a wide variety of product types across multiple industries. No matter your needs, be they design & development, manufacturing, at/QC, freight logistics, raw material sourcing, or production management, Cut and Stitch has got you covered!

We provide high level consultations as well as offering completed goods across variable segments to ensure that your needs are well met. Unlike several other companies in our market, Cut and Stitch is uniquely positioned as a vertically integrated partner. Our focus is on forming lifelong friendships with our customers both in the United States and worldwide.

Whether you simply need a small selection from our resources, or a large mass produced order, Cut and Stitch can help – and we’ll adapt our process to fit your needs every time.



We here at Cut and Stitch pride ourselves on taking you through the process from concept to design plan, finally building your idea into a physical product. Cut and Stitch’s innovative team of in-house designers are the leading experts in textile and leather designs. Our personalized approach focuses on understanding your brand’s goals and objectives – targeting your idea consumer and the quality they are seeking. This will help give your brand an advantageous edge over your competition. In addition to having immense industry experience, Cut and Stitch employs a deep well of professional experts who aim to create a product for you which will exceed your expectations.

Throughout the entire process, we discuss at length your design and material options, pricing, lead times, and any other questions to develop and produce your product efficiently and beautifully.


When it comes to developing a quality product, locating the ideal materials is critical. The materials make or break a product’s design. Not only does your material need to be sustainable, but it also needs to suit the specific needs of your brand, product, and consumer. We here at Cut and Stitch ensure that all sourced materials align with the quality your brand expects, comply with all the pertaining laws, and measure up to your company’s sustainability policy.

Cut and Stitch’s experts possess an intimate understanding of how products and materials are designed and constructed. We also have partnering in place across the globe to eradicate sourcing problems. In this way, we help our clients innovate their products while maintaining a sustainable supply chain.

We go to the source, no matter if your order is big or small. By developing strong relationships with our material suppliers, we work in tandem with hundreds of direct weavers, tanneries, knitters, and packaging manufacturers in order to develop the exact product you need.


We here at Cut and Stitch firmly believe execution is as crucial as a great design. So of course, manufacturing is our primary passion. Our team proudly owns, operates, and manages modern plants in the USA as well as abroad.

Cut and Stitch’s factories have hundreds of full time production managers, product development experts, and engineers who strive to ensure our clients’ products always meet the specs, and are delivered promptly and on budget. Cut and Stitch cares about our employees just as much as our clients. We enforce strict policies in order to prevent any human rights infractions and child-labor abuse. We also have strict factory safety regulations and standards.