Cut and Stitch is a leather goods manufacturer providing brands with the highest caliber of craftsmanship. As a full service manufacturer we are vertically integrated, allowing us to provide you with design and production all under one roof.

Working with Fortune 500 companies and several recognizable brands, our team has gained immensely valuable experience. Providing end to end supply chain solutions for various product types, we are able to help you with any need that may arise. Whether it be design and development, raw material sourcing, manufacturing, production management, QA/QC, or freight logistics, we consistently provide you with expertise and assistance.

A unique advantage we have as a vertically integrated partner, is having factories at our disposal in the USA and internationally. This contributes to our ability to consult and provide finished goods across multiple segments. Our consistent focus is dedicated to forming deep-rooted and continual partnerships with our clients. Thus, we are continuously motivated in leveraging our vertically integrated process and maintaining its success.

No matter the necessities your brand may have, we can provide a solution. Whether it may be a large mass produced order, or a smaller selection, we effectively tailor our approach to accommodate your needs.



Our in-house design team are top experts in leather and textile products. We are able to take you and your concept to design brief, and then actualize said idea into a tangible product. A crucial part of our method and approach is committing to your goals and objectives. Understanding who will be utilizing your product, and who is the ideal and consumer. Aside from our vast industry experience, our extensive sources of individual expertise will exceed all of your expectations as we incorporate them in the development of your product.

In working with us, every aspect of your design process is discussed. We review material options, lead times, pricing, and anything else you might need when developing your product.


We feel that sourcing the correct materials is crucial to the process. Not only is it imperative to have the materials align with your expectations, but we ensure that they comply with your sustainability policies and any necessary laws and regulations. The quality of materials used are just as essential to the process as the design itself.

The extensive global relationships we have cultivated actively lend to our in-depth knowledge of production. They also provide us several options and solutions to overcome any sourcing challenges experienced. Our goal is to provide you the innovation and creation support you need for a sustainable supply chain.

Our dedication lies in directly working with each source, regardless of order size. Through this commitment, we have developed a close partnership with tanneries, weavers, knitters, and packing manufacturers. Our strong connections let us develop and execute your product to your exact needs. We continuously focus on effective problem resolution and maintaining the profound relationships we have established with our suppliers.


Here at Cut and Stitch, we respect the importance of manufacturing. We believe that the value of both – the significance in production and importance of innovative design go hand in hand. Our team members are involved in every step of the way by owning, operating, and managing various plants in the USA and overseas. Always keeping our facilities up to date, we take pride in our operations which allows you to do just the same.

Our factory standards always consist of strict safety and labor laws being maintained and applied. Utilizing our product development experts, production managers, and engineers guarantees that your product will exceed your expectations, while still meeting your specifications, budget, and timeline.