Cut and Stitch’s leading goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality and craftsmanship. We are a full-service manufacturer of leather goods. Our vertically integrated operations offer design and production, all under the same roof.

Our experienced team offers end-to-end solutions for all sorts of leather good products. We offer design and development services, along with manufacturing and production management. We can help you with raw material sourcing, quality control, and freight logistics. We have done it for recognizable brands and Fortune 500 companies. Cut and Stitch can do it for you.

We want to form long-lasting partnerships with our customers. We offer consultation and finished goods in multiple segments of the industry. As a vertically integrated partner, with facilities inside and outside the US, we have certain advantages our customers rely on.

Do you need a small selection of goods? We can help. Need a large order mass-produced? We can do it. Need a different approach that suits your business better? We are willing and able.


The Design

Taking your concept and transforming it into a tangible product is our area of expertise. Our experienced team of designers knows leather and textile products. We first start by understanding your goals and objectives. Who is your target market? What is that ideal consumer looking for? Our team brings decades of industry experience to the table. Besides this dedicated team, we also have experts that we can consult with to give your product that extra special edge.

When we sit down and talk with you, we go through your design and talk about the practicalities of getting your product developed. The discussion will include material choices, lead times, and marketing, among a ton of other topics.

The Source

Material choice is crucial, to the point where it’s as important as your design. It defines the quality of the finished product. It needs to comply with any relevant laws. It needs to align with your policy on sustainability.

One of Cut and Stitch’s strengths is our intimate knowledge of how items are made. We have a strong sourcing network across the globe. We want to help you innovate, while creating a supply chain that is sustainable and affordable.

It doesn’t matter what size order you have. We will go to the best sources. Our team of resource professionals work directly with knitters, weavers, tanneries, and packaging experts, all to give you the product you need. We have strong long-lasting relationships with our suppliers so that we can innovate and solve any problems our customers have.

The Execution

A great design is nothing without high-quality manufacturing to bring it to market. We take the role of being your manufacturer seriously. We own, operate, and manage plants in the US as well as in international locations. Our facilities are modern and you can be proud that your product is made in them.

Each of our manufacturing facilities have a dedicated team of product development experts, production managers, and manufacturing engineers, dedicated to your product’s product. We will meet all specifications, deliver it on time, and within budget. We take extra measures to ensure there are no human rights abuses and no child labor abuses in any of our facilities. We also use the highest safety standards to prevent accidents in all of our facilities.