Here at Cut and Stitch, we provide a full service experience for our customers, and they can always expect brand with excellent craftsmanship. We provide production and design services for vertically integrated leather goods. We have a long list of different types of products, and we are able to provide an end to end supply chain for the convenience of our customers. For instance, whether you are in need of manufacturing, design & development, QA/QC, sourcing of raw materials, or production management, we are able to assist you. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, and our team has experience with working with well-known brands, in the industry. We are able to provide finished goods, but we are also able to provide consultations. We are entirely vertically integrated, and we have both international and USA factories, at our disposal. We have made it our mission to provide long lasting relationships and partnerships with our clients, which is why we strive to always have the best vertically integrated process, available. We are able to help with a largely mass produced order or small selections, and we are able to adjust our approach as needed to suit your individual needs. Design We are able to help you with any design concept from the transformation of your idea to the physical product. We only hire the top experts in textile and leather products to come and design for our in-house team. We like to focus on the goals and objectives of our clients. This enlightens us as to who will use their product and what their target consumer is actually looking for. Immense knowledge and industry experience is not the only expertise we tap into. We have a deep well of experts from different areas, which helps in in not just reaching your expectations, but exceeding them. We make sure to walk through every step of your design to make sure that the best product is developed. We help with discussing different material options, pricing, lead times, and anything else that we feel will impact the bottom line of your product, on the market. Sources It critical to find the right materials to create a product. We are here to help make sure that the desired materials are right for the product. We make sure the quality is correct, the company can sustain their policies, and comply with any relevant laws. After all, the materials that are used to make the product are just as important as the product design. Our knowledge extends to the making of items, and we nurture different relationships that help solve sourcing problems. We are here to help establish a sustainable supply chain to help with your innovation. We work directly with the exact experts you need for the product you are creating. We spend a lot of time solving problems and keeping our relations strong with our material suppliers. Manufacture We know that execution is also key to having a great design. Our team managers, owns and operates plans all over the world, because manufacturing is important to us. We keep all of our plants up-to-date with modern machinery. All of our plants have their own engineers, product development experts, and production managers that make sure that your product meets the specs of your design, while also meeting your budge and delivery time. We have strict policies in all of our factories to help prevent safety hazards, human rights abuse, and child-labor abuse.