As a one stop shop for unique leather products, Cut and Stitch provides both design and production services. From creation to sales, companies can acquire all their leather good needs from the same same source.

Because we are vertically integrated, we are able to provide brands and companies of all sizes with a full service solution for leather products. We can source raw materials so your company can create its own products, or our professional design team can work with you to develop and manufacture unique products for your brand. Whatever the size of your company–from small to a fortune 500, we can even help you issues like logistical freight concerns and quality assurance and control.

Because we are able to work with your brand throughout every step of the process, we have a unique advantage over other manufacturing and design companies. With factories in the United States and around the world, here at Cut and Stitch, we aim to offer the very best vertical integration service available, from start to finish with unique leather products for your brand.

From small runs to bulk orders, we can provide you with everything you need. We will even tailor our procedure specifically to suit your company.


Even if all you have is a sketch or a vague description, we will begin with your product idea and help you work towards a complete product. Our team of leather and textile design experts will begin by ascertaining your specific target customer and what that customer wants and needs in the product you wish to create. With the aid of our expert team members and innumerable professional contacts, we aim to go above and beyond with our production procedure.

We will work with you on every detail of the procedure from your design ideas and material preferences, to turnaround time and retail prices. We want to help you achieve your production goals by working with you on every single detail.


A high quality, unique product begins with the right material. We will source you with the leather you need to create products that comply with your quality expectations and safety laws and regulations. We will also ensure that the materials we provide meet with the sustainability policies of your specific business. At Cut and Stitch, we understand that the quality of the material is integral to a quality finished product.

With our expert knowledge in the field and international connections within in the industry, we can help you solve all your supply chain concerns, from sourcing to manufacturing.

Whatever the material, whatever the product idea, we will work with expert artisans and factories all over world to acquire the right material and supplies you need. From contacting tanneries and packing companies to working with weavers and knitters, we will go straight to the source to find exactly what you need to solve all your manufacturing concerns.


We don’t stop at excellence in design and sourcing. The manufacturing process is just as important to us at Cut and Stitch because our modern supply chain team aims for excellence across the board.

Our worldwide plants, which are owned, operated, and managed by our company, both in the United States and overseas, provide state-of-the-art services from design to production, because we want you to be as proud of your products as possible.

Adhering to your specifications, deadline and budget is important to us. Our product development, production and engineering teams all aim to please. Further, you can be proud of our policies regarding human rights, child labor and safety in the workplace.